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Our Story

To understand the blossoming story of the foundation is to go back to 2010 when the first concept of the care package program was introduced in an online gaming community. The founder sought to find a way to bridge new players into the gaming world by fostering a positive and lasting experience, but also motivate established members of the community to feel connected to a project that gave them an opportunity to return kindness in what can often be a very unforgiving virtual world. The response from the care package program was overwhelming and gained attention from outside gaming communities who were curious about the success of the program.

The project was simple, an individual fills out a form and submits it to the program leaders. The leaders would tailor a care package specific to the individual’s needs and send it off with a letter of encouragement. All that was ever asked for in return was to pass on the kindness, it mattered not if it was big or small. Those part of the project, whether the receiver or the sender of the packages, wrote back in response how this simple gesture and level of care left them feeling welcomed & elated.

It was from this point the founder began to think of how much more of an impact can be made outside of the virtual gaming community. How could this virtual project be turned into something much bigger with an emphasis on bringing a little joy and warmth into someone’s life? Could this type of service inspire a community to become more educated, informed, and passionate about quality mental health services & options? Over the next few years, the founder experimented with offering a free care package program to deliver the same impact and found it to be as well received. It came with its imperfections, but through the years, the idea was slowly blooming into its own.

The creation of the organization holds to the values of the original project, which is to simply give back to others and spread the kindness. The foundation is committed to not only providing care packages to those in need, but also building a community of resources which connects people to safe options when dealing with mental health situations. 

The Bee Kind, Bee Lovely Foundation is a recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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